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Faculty Professional Development

Professional development opportunities are important for faculty at all ranks. At each level, faculty are balancing multiple demands that require very different skill sets, including research, teaching, service, managing a lab, writing grants, and publishing. UW ADVANCE offers a number of professional development resources for faculty.

For pre-tenure faculty, professional development opportunities allow the faculty to network with other faculty and learn best practices, find funding opportunities, hone their leadership management and communication skills, and plan for tenure and beyond.

UW ADVANCE offers group professional development workshops for pre-tenure faculty. These workshops offer a wide range of topics and are conducted once a quarter during the academic year. Each spring, UW ADVANCE offers a workshop on applying for NSF CAREER grants. All workshop materials are available on the web through the UW ADVANCE Resource Library.

For mid-career faculty, professional development opportunities foster leadership and professional growth. Chairs in particular can encourage mid-career faculty by offering mid-career mentoring opportunities, continuing career development opportunities at all levels, and nominating faculty for awards.

UW ADVANCE offers many resources that address transitioning from associate to full professor. For example, any of our chair development resources offer information for faculty leaders to help faculty maintain momentum mid-career.

For faculty interested in holding positions of academic leadership, UW ADVANCE holds quarterly leadership development workshops for chairs and deans that address issues specific to running a department and working with faculty, staff, and central administration. To cultivate the academic leadership pipeline, chairs are invited to bring an emerging faculty leader who shows potential for leadership. All past workshop materials are available online and the current workshop schedule can be viewed here.