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Mentoring-for-Leadership Lunches

The Mentoring-for-Leadership (MfL) Lunch program is a leadership development program for women faculty in UW ADVANCE departments. This program features a different woman leader each month who talks about her career path and the benefits and challenges of her position.  Once a quarter we also address a leadership topic of interest to our faculty such as Transitioning to Leadership Roles in your Community and Salary Negotiations.

This forum for informal mentoring encourages women faculty to consider positions of academic leadership. Lunches are primarily offered during the academic year.

Since 2003, UW ADVANCE has held more than 180 Mentoring-for-Leadership lunches, featuring more than 185 women leaders, including center directors, chairs, and deans.

“The Mentoring for Leadership Lunches were a lifeline for me as I had finally found a supportive community. When the opportunity came for me to be a leader on campus, the stories of incredible leaders helped me to view myself as a leader.”

ADVANCE MfL participant

Resources from past Mentoring-for-Leadership Lunches

Handouts and resources from topical MfL lunches.

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