Thank you for your interest in applying to the LATTICE program. The application period for the first LATTICE cohort is now closed. The next cohort will take place in 2019.

LATTICE applications include the following five items:

  1. A one-paragraph statement about how you expect to benefit from a program like LATTICE, challenges or issues you are currently facing, and how your participation in LATTICE might help address these challenges.
  2. A one-paragraph statement about where you expect to be professionally in two, five and ten years, and the top concerns you have about achieving career success.
  3. A three-paragraph professional statement including one paragraph about your research; one paragraph about your teaching and mentoring philosophy; and one paragraph about your outreach, diversity, and broader impacts work.
  4. An online application survey that includes a brief statement about how your social identity (race/ethnicity, gender, ability status, sexuality, etc.) plays a role in your experiences in academic engineering/computer science. 
  5. Your CV.


Program Evaluation


LATTICE attendees will be asked to share information from their application, complete a short feedback survey at the LATTICE symposium, and take annual web-based surveys in order to assess the outcomes and impact of LATTICE. Additionally, all LATTICE program applicants will be invited to complete two follow-up brief surveys about their career progression, two years and four years from now. Participation in the evaluative research is voluntary. You are not obligated to participate, and your decision not to participate will not preclude you from being selected as a participant in the symposium. All data will remain confidential in evaluation reports.