The goal of LEAD-it-Yourself (LiY!) is to disseminate workshop tools and educational materials to help individuals plan and offer  leadership workshops to advance STEM faculty diversity and inclusion. LiY! enables people to access and share resources, use workshop planning tools, and collaborate with the LiY! community. Materials posted on this site are generated by the LiY! program team and user community. Many of the materials generated by the LiY! team are  adapted from materials initially developed for Leadership Excellence for Academic Diversity (LEAD) workshops, funded by an NSF PAID grant at the University of Washington.

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The videos below describe and demonstrate the main features of the LiY! Website.


This video familiarizes you with LiY! and its homepage.

This video helps you understand how to view LiY! resources.

This video helps show you how to share resources with the LiY! community.

This video shows you how to use the Workshop Creator to create a workshop schedule.

This video shows you the Facilitation Guides and Logistics Guides on the LiY! website.


LiY! is funded with a grant from the National Science Foundation’s ADVANCE PAID program.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Eve Riskin

Co-PIs: Dr. Joyce Yen and Dr. Jan Spyridakis