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Looking to plan a workshop? Here you will find information on best practices, guides on facilitation and logistics, and more.

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Workshop Creator

Our Workshop Creator helps you plan your workshops by making it easy to plan sessions and select resources. We have created LiY! effective practices and tips as well as built planning checklists directly into the Workshop Creator.

LiY! Workshop Alignment Chart

The Workshop Alignment Chart, created by the LiY! Team, will help you assess how well your workshop practices align with the LEAD core values of maximizing participant engagement, learning from peers, and weaving diversity and inclusion into all topics and sessions.

LiY! Primers

These two-page overview documents are created by the LiY! Team and address key topics from LEAD workshops such as faculty recruitment, mentoring, and work/life balance. These LiY! Primers can be used as workshop handouts. They include brief summaries of relevant research on each topic and small group discussion questions and activities.

Additional LiY! Materials

The LiY! Team has also created other workshop materials such as planning and facilitation guides and case studies that reflect best practices from the LEAD workshop.

Facilitation Guides

Our facilitation guides present key information to help you plan and execute your workshops. The guides highlight core LiY! workshop facilitation principles and provide goals and concrete facilitation steps to take during your workshops.

Logistical Guides

Our logistical guides contain information on how to manage workshop event logistics. They include information on attendee management, speaker biographies, and workshop logistics.

Preferred Providers

The following is a list of "Preferred Providers" who deliver high quality keynote presentations on bias. They may be available to give this foundational presentation at your workshop if your campus lacks a presenter or facilitator with expertise in this area. Please discuss travel costs and consulting fees with Preferred Providers directly.

Presenters Affiliated with LEAD

Other Presenters