The LATTICE program has now ended. Below you can find information about how our application process worked. You can also visit our FAQ page to learn about our participant eligibility parameters.

Application Instructions

The LATTICE application packet consists of four items. Three items will be submitted via an online application form. Please have these items prepared before you start the online application survey. One item (your C.V.) can be submitted at any time via email to  

Application materials to be submitted include:

  1. A one-paragraph statement explaining how you feel you will benefit from a program like LATTICE. Please discuss challenges or issues you are currently facing and how your participation might help you address these challenges.
  2. A three-paragraph professional statement: Please include one paragraph describing your research, one paragraph about your teaching and mentoring philosophy, and one paragraph sharing your outreach, diversity and broader impacts work. If you are invited to participate in the LATTICE program, these three paragraphs will be included in a binder distributes to each LATTICE participant and panelist. Please note that your submission of these paragraphs serves as permission to include these in the binder. If you have questions or concerns about the inclusion of these paragraphs in the binder, please contact us at
  3. A mandatory online questionnaire: This survey will take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete and will provide information about your experiences and your expectations of the LATTICE program. Please complete the questionnaire, as the answers are important for participant selection. As part of the questionnaire, you will be asked to provide a brief statement about how your social identity (race/ethnicity, gender, ability status, sexuality, nationality etc.) plays a role in your experiences in academic engineering/computer science.
  4. Your C.V.: Please e-mail this to

Please note that your individual responses are confidential and will not be shared beyond the LATTICE administrative team. All data will be presented in aggregate form only for the purposes of reporting. Your survey responses will be stored on a password protected server with restricted access. Please email if you have any concerns about the protection of this survey data. 

Once you are ready to submit your materials, please visit visit our online application to apply to the program.

Program Evaluation

In addition to the online questionnaire, LATTICE attendees will be asked to complete a short feedback survey at the LATTICE symposium and take a web-based follow-up survey in order to assess the outcomes and impact of LATTICE. Additionally, all LATTICE program applicants will be invited to complete a brief surveys about their career progression, one year from now. Participation in the evaluative research is voluntary. You are not obligated to participate, and your decision not to participate will not preclude you from being selected as a participant in the symposium. All data will remain confidential in evaluation reports.