LATTICE Overview

LATTICE represents a collaborative effort between colleagues at UW, NCSU, and Cal Poly to adapt, articulate, and disseminate an existing professional development model to support the persistence and advancement of underrepresented groups in engineering faculty careers. LATTICE has a programmatic intervention element and a research element.

LATTICE is funded by the NSF ADVANCE Program (HRD-1500310) and grew out of the WEBS (NSF ADVANCE HRD-0545273 and HRD-0544754 and NSF DEB-1044506) and BRAINS (NIH NINDS 1R25NS076416-01) professional development model of a national symposium and peer mentoring groups. It also builds on the Peer Mentoring Summits for Women of Color Engineering Faculty (NSF ADVANCE HRD-0545269).

Intervention Overview

The intervention couples a national Symposium with peer Mentoring Circles to:

  • support early-career, post-PhD women as they navigate engineering faculty careers;
  • impact participants’ career self-efficacy, sense of belonging and career-advancing behaviors; and
  • introduce informal, sustainable support structures into the academic landscape.

Research Overview

The LATTICE project also seeks to understand why and how the intervention works. To do this, the project will use ethnography to study:

  • individual and group values, politics, and practices of change-agents in the NSF ADVANCE community;
  • differences in social identities and disciplines of both organizers and participants; and
  • feminist strategies to facilitate consciousness-raising and transformative leadership in STEM.