Listening and Responding: Shaping Culture as Requested by Others

Tuesday, December 11, 2018 - 10:30am to 1:00pm
Dan Grossman
Professor and Deputy Director, Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering
George Lovell
Divisional Dean of Social Sciences, Professor of Political Science, and Adjunct Professor of Law, Societies, and Justice
David Perkel
Professor of Biology and Otolaryngology, and former Acting Chair of Biology

Demands for department cultural change can come from a variety of sources such as students, faculty, and factors & events occurring nationally/internationally that impact the discipline. At this workshop, a panel of speakers will talk about a specific time they worked to shape department culture as a result of external pressure and the tactics they used to respond to cultural change pressures. The panel will be followed by caucus group discussions which will allow attendees to focus on a specific outside catalyst for cultural change and identify resources/strategies to respond to a particular issue. Panelist remarks will serve as inspiration for potential strategies attendees could use to address caucus topics. Caucus group topics will include: sexual/gender harassment, student activism, microaggressions, free speech vs. hate speech, and others.