A Chair's Role in the Stages of the Faculty Career - Early-Career Faculty

Friday, May 25, 2018 - 10:30am to 1:00pm
Chad Allen
Associate Vice Provost; Professor
Office of the Provost; English
Catherine Cole
Divisional Dean; Profssor
College of Arts and Sciences; Drama
Xiao-Ping Chen
Associate Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs; Professor
Foster School of Business

This workshop will focus on how chairs and other unit leaders can effectively engage and support early-career faculty. Potential topics for discussion include: processes and practices departments and department chairs should have in place to on-board new faculty, including faculty who have joint appointments or start mid-year; common pitfalls early-career faculty encounter and how department chairs can help them avoid or navigate these pitfalls; best practices for integrating early-career faculty into the department/unit; how a chair’s role with and strategies for early-career faculty change based on the unit size; and how department chairs should address issues that may be particularly salient to early-career women faculty, URM faculty, and faculty from other underrepresented groups.