Understanding Unconscious Bias


This leaflet is now quite popular in Japan, especially in universities, scientific societies as well as Gender Equality Office in the Cabinet, in order to design better system for recruitment and promotion. We hope this leaflet will be helpful and valuable in creating the inclusive environments where both men and women can realize their full potential without encountering barriers and biases.

Primary Source: 
This leaflet is prepared by Dr. Hisako Ohtsubo, Nihon University, for the EPMEWSE based on the Japanese leaflet (http://djrenrakukai.org/doc_pdf/2017/UnconsciousBias _leaflet.pdf) published in August 2017. Japanese version was prepared by Ohtsubo et.al.



This is a great summary brochure! Thanks to Dr. Ohtsubo for sharing it with us. It contains a great overview of a number of psych concepts that influence unconscious bias and research studies to demonstrate that impact.