Women Faculty at UW

The UW ADVANCE Center for Institutional Change was created in 2001 with a first-round National Science Foundation (NSF) ADVANCE Institutional Transformation (IT) grant. The NSF ADVANCE Program strives to increase the participation of women in academic science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers through systemic solutions. Women faculty representation in UW ADVANCE departments at UW has increased significantly since we began in 2001.

In addition to a broader suite of faculty professional development resources, UW ADVANCE also offers specific activities and resources for our women faculty such as:

  • Mentoring-for-Leadership lunch series, monthly lunches that provide women women faculty an opportunity to explore paths to different leadership positions and strengthens cross-campus relationships.
  • The ADVANCE Lactation Room, a private, secure, clean lactation station located in Sieg Hall. Women in the Science Division of the College of Arts & Sciences, the College of Engineering and the College of the Environment have priority for the ADVANCE Lactation Station.
  • Individual support such as meeting with female faculty during interviews and after arrival on campus to provide work/life integration and career advice.

Women Faculty Data

Every other year, UW ADVANCE collects data to track the number of women faculty in 19 ADVANCE departments at the University of Washington, including 9 science units and 10 engineering units.

Women Faculty Representation at UW

Since the inception of UW ADVANCE (2001-2015), there has been a:

  • 93% increase in number of tenured or tenure-track women faculty (58 to 112).
  • 115% increase in College of Engineering female faculty (26 to 56).
  • 75% increase in Science & Environment Departments’ female science faculty (32 to 56).

Increasing Representation in 19 ADVANCE Departments 

Increasing Women Faculty Representation UW

The National Scene

At 22.2% University of Washington has the highest percentage of female faculty representation in the top 25 Colleges of Engineering (2015 ASEE Engineering by the Numbers).

Female Tenure-Track Engineering Faculty by Institution 

UW female faculty representation in top 25 colleges