About Us

The goal of LEAD-it-Yourself (LiY!) is to disseminate workshop tools and educational materials to help individuals plan and offer  leadership workshops to advance STEM faculty diversity and inclusion. LiY! enables people to access and share resources, use workshop planning tools, and collaborate with the LiY! community. Materials posted on this site are generated by the LiY! program team and user community. Many of the materials generated by the LiY! team are  adapted from materials initially developed for Leadership Excellence for Academic Diversity (LEAD) workshops, funded by an NSF PAID grant at the University of Washington.

The complete LiY! NSF project abstract can be found here. And a January 2019 paper about the evolution of the UW ADVANCE leadership workshop and LiY! can be found here

Phases of LiY!

LiY! has been iteratively launching and evaluating an online toolkit to ensure that dissemination of LiY! content is both successful and sustainable. Over time, multiple institutions have employed an increasingly robust version of the toolkit to build workshops and use resources contributed by the LiY! team and the LiY! community.

Phase 1: Boise State University Pilot

UW ADVANCE partnered with the Boise State University (BSU) College of Engineering to implement a LEAD-inspired workshop at BSU. UW ADVANCE worked with BSU Engineering Dean Amy Moll to adapt a LEAD bias keynote session for a BSU department chair workshop. The workshop was held in August 2014 at BSU and included a bias keynote session presented by LiY! co-PI Joyce Yen. Content and strategies developed for the BSU workshop have been incorporated into the LiY! toolkit and resources.

Phase 2: Train-the-Trainer Workshop

LiY! held a Train-the-Trainer (T3) one-day workshop in October 2015 at the University of Washington (UW) in Seattle, WA. Over 45 people attended the one-day workshop. Workshop participants were the first to use the Workshop Planner tool. Participants also exchanged ideas on how to best facilitate faculty workshops that advance STEM faculty diversity and inclusion, experienced a LEAD-inspired bias keynote presentation, and connected with other professionals interested in STEM faculty diversity. Workshop participants also shared their workshop planning resources on the LiY! website.

Phase 3: Remote Site Implementation

The final phase of remote site implementation has involved institutions using the LiY! toolkit without direct input from the LiY! team. Institutions interested in gaining early access to the LiY! toolkit to plan their faculty workshops applied for workshop funding in exchange for participating in the LiY! program evaluation and usability studies. Three institutions were offered seed funding to plan and hold a leadership workshop on their campuses using the LiY! website. 

Evaluation Plan

The LiY! project is being iteratively evaluated by the University of Washington's Center for Evaluation & Research for STEM Equity (CERSE), utilizing both implementation fidelity and outcomes evaluation approaches. Implementation fidelity evaluation is critical for understanding whether programs achieve their desired outcomes and how training materials should be modified. Thus, key areas for this evaluation include workshop compliance with program content, workshop structure, relevant experience of workshop facilitators and speakers, and reasons for any adaptations from the LiY! toolkit materials. CERSE is also undertaking an outcomes evaluation to measure the impact of LiY! on workshop participants.

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Our Team

Dr. Eve Riskin

Principal Investigator riskin (at) uw.edu

Dr. Eve Riskin is the Associate Dean of Diversity and Access in the UW College of Engineering and Professor of Electrical Engineering. She is also Director of UW ADVANCE and has been involved with the UW ADVANCE program since its inception. She works with Dr. Yen on developing content for the toolkit, collaborating with the remote sites, and planning and offering the Train-the-Trainer workshop.

Dr. Joyce Yen

Co-Principal Investigator joyceyen (at) uw.edu

Dr. Joyce Yen is the UW ADVANCE Director, who has organized and facilitated a wide variety of national and local workshops. She oversees the toolkit content development, leads the Train-the-Trainer workshop, and serves as the primary liaison between UW ADVANCE and the remote sites.

Dr. Jan Spyridakis

Co-Principal Investigator jansp (at) uw.edu

Dr. Jan Spyridakis is a Professor of Human Centered Design & Engineering, UW, and served as department chair from 2008-2014. She works with the web developer and user researcher to ensure effective user-centered web and information design. She attended the 2009 LEAD workshop.

Cara Margherio

Senior Research Associate, Center for Evaluation & Research for STEM Equity (CERSE) clm16 (at) uw.edu

Cara manages the evaluation and assessment of the LiY! project. As Senior Research Associate at the Center for Workforce Development, Cara serves as evaluator on several NSF- and NIH-funded projects. Cara earned a PhD and MA in Sociology at the University of Washington, and a BA in Sociology and BS in Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh.

Jon Shilling

Web Developer jshill (at) uw.edu

Jon is migrating the existing LiY! website from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8. As a web developer and user experience designer, his goal is to use the latest and greatest technologies to help make the Internet a better and more equitable place for everyone. He also supports the website maintanence, plays a mean banjo, and enjoys writing biographies in the third person.

Andrew Wilson

Original Web Developer awilson8 (at) uw.edu

Andrew designed and developed the website. He used a user-centered design approach and ensured the website meets the WC3 web accessibility initiative. He also trained the LiY! team to maintain the website.