Patricia Galloway, CEO and President, The Nielson-Wurster Group, Inc.

Thursday, October 23, 2008 - 11:30am to 1:00pm
Patricia Galloway
CEO and President
The Nielson-Wurster Group, Inc

Dr. Patricia Galloway is chief executive officer and president of the Nielsen-Wurster Group, Inc., an international management consulting firm based in Princeton, N.J., and owner of a New Jersey-based winery, Unionville Winery. An internationally recognized leader in civil engineering and construction, Dr. Galloway provides management consulting, risk management and dispute resolution services on building, infrastructure, power, process and transportation projects around the world. She is known for her expertise in project controls, risk analyses, and delay and disruption issues. She has testified extensively as an expert witness, as well as serving as an arbitrator in both international and domestic venues. In addition, she is the author of, "The 21st-century Engineer, A Proposal for Engineering Education Reform",

Dr. Galloway is the elected vice-chair of the National Science Board (of the NSF). Dr. Galloway is a licensed (or chartered) Civil Engineer in Australia, Canada (Manitoba) and the United States. She is a past President (and the only woman President in that organization's 155 year history) of the American Society of Civil Engineers, and is a Fellow of Engineers Australia, the United Kingdom Institution of Civil Engineers, American Society of Civil Engineers, and a member of the Japan Society of Civil Engineers.

Dr. Galloway earned her bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering (Structures and Construction Management) from Purdue University, MBA from New York Institute of Technology, and PhD in Infrastructure Systems (Civil) Engineering, from Kochi University of Technology, Kochi, Japan.