The BRAINS program is guided by an interdisciplinary team dedicated to equity, diversity, and inclusion in neuroscience and STEM fields more broadly.  

Leadership Team

BRAINS is led by a team based at the University of Washington. This team includes faculty in neuroscience, expert career development practitioner-facilitators, a program evaluator, and other program staff. The team manages the program's overall direction, facilitates its day-to-day-operations, creates and delivers program content, coaches and mentors participants, disseminates knowledge generated by the program, and evaluates the program’s effectiveness. 


Dr. Sheri Mizumori Dr. Sheri Mizumori is a Professor in Psychology and Neuroscience Programs at UW who researches neural circuits that mediate the flexible use of memory. As BRAINS Program Director and PI, Dr. Mizumori advises the Leadership team and serves as liaison to the UW and national neuroscience communities. She is also active in local and national efforts to establish more equitable and inclusive cultures within academic institutions (e.g. Association for Psychological Science, the UW Neuroscience Graduate Program, and UW Psychology Department).

BRAINS Co-I's/Co-Directors:


Dr. Joyce Yen is the Director for the UW ADVANCE Center for Institutional Change, and serves as a BRAINS Co-Principal Investigator and Co-Director. Dr. Yen has been PI or Co-investigator on numerous grants that have brought over $7 million in funding to advance women faculty in science, engineering, and mathematics; to address faculty professional development more generally; and to diversify engineering and create a more inclusive climate in engineering. As BRAINS Program Coordinator, Dr. Yen drives the integration of the different project components for maximum synergism and guides and shapes the overall project efforts.

Dr. Claire Horner-Devine, Ph.D. is a BRAINS Program Co-Director and the founder of Counterspace Consulting LLC. Dr. Horner-Devine was PI on the NSF ADVANCE WEBS grant and a co-PI of the NSF LATTICE grant. She also designed and supports the delivery of the WFAB program with the Animal Behavior Society. Leading an inclusive leadership consultancy with practices inspired by and deeply rooted in science and social science, Dr. Horner-Devine uses humor, personal connection and strong analytic skills to help clients develop as inclusive leaders and teams and to create more inclusive practices, equitable policies, and environments where all individuals can thrive. She has worked with a range of partners and clients across sectors including scientific societies, universities, NOAA, Redfin, DoorDash, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Rita Allen Foundation.

BRAINS Evaluator:

Dr. Cara Margherio is the Assistant Director of the UW Center for Evaluation & Research for STEM Equity (CERSE). Dr. Margherio has served as evaluator on numerous projects designed to improve equity and inclusion within higher education. Her mixed methods research spans the study of intersectionality, higher education, organizational change, and social movements. 

BRAINS Program Operations Specialist:

Laura Ciotti joined the ADVANCE Center for Institutional Change as a program operations specialist in August 2019. In her role, she provides business management and senior-level administrative support for the Center’s local and national initiatives. Laura has a Master of Public Administration degree from the University of Washington’s Evans School of Public Policy and Governance, and a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Oregon.