Panelists and Speakers

Speakers at previous symposia are available on the Prior Symposia page.

2019 Symposium Panelists

  • Dr. Veronia Martinez Acosta, Professor of Bioloyg, University of the Incarnate Word
  • Dr. Jose Cavazos, Proefssor and Assistant Dean, University of Texas Health San Antonio
  • Dr. Marjorie Gondre-Lewis, Professor and Interim Chair of Anatomy, Howard University
  • Dr. Frederick Gregory, International Program Manager - Human Division, US Army Reearch Laboratory
  • Dr. Fay Guarraci, Professor of Psychology at Southwestern University
  • Dr. Farah Lubin, Associate Professor of Neurobiology, University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • Christopher Loving, Founder, Leadership Institute for Tomorrow and Loving Leadership, Inc.
  • Dr. Kenneth Maynard, Senior Director, Gloabal Project Managemetn, Pharmacovigilance Affiliate Relations, Global Patient Safety and Evaluation, Takeda Pharmaceuticals
  • Dr. Sheri Mizumori, BRAINS PI and Professor of Psychology at the University of Washington
  • Dr. Katrina Sanform, Clinical Psychologist
  • Dr. Pamela Scott-Johnson, Dean of the College of Natural and Social Sciences, California State University Los Angeles and Professor of Psychology
  • Dr. Joseph Sisneros,  Professor of Psychology at the University of Washington
  • Dr. Irving Vega, Associate Professor of Translational Neuroscience, Michigan State University