Following the BRAINS Fellows symposium, Fellows foster and extend their BRAINS experiences through facilitated Fellows Peer Coaching Circles. Each group includes eight to nine participants. A facilitator from the BRAINS team participates in the initial meetings.  The Coaching Circles strive to provide both structure and flexibility to best facilitate peer-to-peer coaching. In addition, they provide frequent and safe forums in which to discuss concerns and receive constructive feedback, as well as set realistic personal goals. Facilitated discussions may include topics such as time management, navigating institutional culture, stress and conflict, writing and productivity, and self care. To facilitate the most meaningful and useful dialogues and ensure trust among group members, all participants and facilitators sign a non-disclosure form.

The General Goals of the Peer Coaching Circles

  • Extension of BRAINS community and peer experience.
  • Focused individual time for work on career issues and challenges with wisdom of a group.
  • Take time for self, to give feedback and to incorporate BRAINS skills, strategies and practices into everyday life.
  • Gain perspective and problem-solve.

BRAINS Peer Coaching Circles Calendar

The BRAINS Fellows Peer Coaching Circles all share the same online meeting platform. Thus to avoid scheduling conflicts, please reference this calendar and contact if your Peer Coaching Circle group changes its regular meeting time.