BRAINS Fellows Program

The BRAINS Fellows Program includes three components: a national symposium, peer mentoring circles, and cross-cohort symposia. 

Diagram: 27 BRAINS Symposium participantsMulti-day professional development symposium – Packed with discussions with senior scientist panelists and topical experts on a wide variety of career topics such as time management, designing a research program, work/life balance, etc.


Diagram: BRAINS Mentoring Circles in which 27 participants are broken into three separate circlesFacilitated peer mentoring circles – Biweekly conference calls which serve as a sounding board for participants to continue their connection to the BRAINS community, set personal goals, discuss professional concerns, and receive constructive feedback. Possible topics include time management, navigating institutional culture, stress and conflict, writing and productivity, and self care.


Diagram: BRAINS Cross Cohort SymposiaCross-Cohort Symposia – An opportunity, held off cycle of the national Fellows Symposia, for Fellows to network with other Fellows' cohorts and gain additional professional skills with the BRAINS community.