The BRAINS program has a grant renewal that is currently under review. The next cohort (and application process) is pending the renewal. If renewed, our next cohort is expected to be in 2022. 

The BRAINS Affiliates Program includes a professional development virtual workshop series and Peer Coaching Circles to support the Affiliates' acquisition and development of career skills. The virtual workshops create an opportunity for Affiliates to embark on a common professional development experience before joining their BRAINS Affiliates Peer Coaching Circle.

The Affiliates Program includes a three-part virtual workshop series that is grounded in the BRAINS program's core skills acquisitions modules. Sample topics include mentoring, life/time management, and thriving as a member of a group underrepresented in neuroscience. 

BRAINS Affiliate participants should plan to attend at least two virtual workshops in order to join the Affiliates Peer Coaching Circles.