ADVANCE Lactation Room - Sieg 121

Using Sieg 121

Women in the Science Division of the College of Arts & Sciences, the College of Engineering and the College of the Environment have priority for the ADVANCE Lactation Station. Before using the Lactation Room, potential users must schedule an orientation by e-mailing

Users can choose to bring their own pump or use the Medela Symphony hospital grade pump in the room. Symphony pump users must bring the correct pump attachments. Symphony pump attachments are available for purchase at the following locations, including Hall Health:

  • Hall Health Pharmacy (206-685-1021) - both Medela Symphony and Universal kits.
  • Birth and Beyond (206-324-4831) - both Medela Symphony and Universal kits, and adapter kit parts and rentals.
  • Sandpoint Clinic Pharmacy (206-523-5700) - Universal kit and rentals.
  • Village Maternity (206-523-5167) - Universal kit and rentals.
  • For additional locations, or to rent a lactation pump, call Medela at 1-800-435-8316.



Using Sieg 121

E-mail your scheduling request to