Meet Our Women Faculty

The women faculty in ADVANCE departments have a wide diversity of career paths and experiences. Learn about the challenges and rewards of being a woman scientist or engineer at the University of Washington.

Christine Luscombe
Christine Luscombe, PhD

Associate Professor, Materials Science & Engineering
Julie Lutz
Julie Lutz, PhD

Emeritus Research Professor, Astronomy
Kristi Morgansen
Kristi Morgansen, PhD

Associate Professor, Aeronautics & Astronautics
Amy Shen
Amy Shen, PhD

Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Caroline Stromberg
Caroline Strömberg, PhD

Associate Professor, Biology
Billie Swalla
Billie Swalla, PhD

Professor, Biology
LuAnne Thompson
LuAnne Thompson, PhD

Professor, Oceanography
Kelly Tremblay
Kelly Tremblay, PhD

Professor, Speech and Hearing Sciences
Liz Van Volkenburgh
Liz Van Volkenburgh, PhD

Professor, Biology

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